Estimating the cost

Τεχνολογία και τιμολόγηση

The question “how much does a website cost?” is like the question “how much does a house cost?”: Before we answer we must first consider: “How many square meters will the house be?”, “Does it have a garden and a view?” etc.

The cost of a website can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. It is about your own needs. To evaluate an offer, it should be very clear what will be offered. With our form of cost calculation can have a rough estimate of the price.

Some questions we ask to evaluate the cost are:

  • Do you need a dynamic website? (Eg featuring registration, search, feedback from users, forums, subscriptions, purchases etc.).

  • Do you want some functionality that requires custom software development?

  • Do you want us to create your video or photo portfolio?

  • Do you want to have an involvement on graphic design and visual editing or you want us to take care of it entirely?

  • Do you want special care to be more friendly to search engines (like Google)?

  • Would you like us to teach you how to upgrade your site yourself?

  • Will it have one or many languages?

  • Will it have an e shop and, if so, with which features?