Multilingual Site Development

We use WordPress because it is frequently updated, easy to customize, and extensively tested with a huge community offering an unrivaled depth of support. It is hugely powerful ‘under the hood’ and enables us to customize every aspect of your site as you see fit. Niche-specific themes cover photography sites, e-commerce sites, personal blogs, community sites, educational sites, Real Estate sites and just about anything else.

If you’re running a business, WordPress is a perfect choice for building a multilingual global website that will attract business from other countries at an affordable budget.

We use WPML for multilingual websites – the standard WordPress plugin for this job. It’s flexibility and variety of features make it the obvious choice. In addition to that, WPML integrates professional translation services with specialization for specific industries and ensures a better localization process & multilingual SEO.

WPML also ensures that you can find high-quality and reliable development services because they have a team of highly qualified developers they recommend. You can see our certified WPML profile at

Multilingual sites we’ve developed.